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Our Recovery Workshop Team

Joe Walker Headshot


Joseph Walker

“The Shop” was conceived while I was laid up in a hospital bed recovering from several surgeries. I’m grateful for the sponsorship we’ve had along the way to be able to create this groundbreaking resource for the Florida Recovery community. I draw inspiration for projects and classes at the shop from 30 years of experience working in the construction industry. I was a licensed Union Local #134 Electrician for 23 years. I’m excited to provide resources and classes to anyone in the Recovery community who is looking to better themselves.

  • Master Electrician 100%
  • General Carpentry 100%
  • Logistics 100%
Anthony Becker

Workshop Director

Anthony Becker

I spent 10+ years building log homes in Northern New Jersey. In 2010, alcoholism and addiction drove me to my knees and I ended up in a treatment center here in South Florida. Through my Recovery, I’ve given back by helpings others over the past five and a half years. As a member of the Recovery Workshop team, I am grateful to bring both of my passions of Carpentry and Recovery together to help others learn, grow and gain a sense of purpose.

  • Master Carpentry 100%
  • Career Coaching 100%
  • Mentoring 100%
Timmy Perry

Director of Recovery Resources

Timothy Perry

I am very passionate about Recovery and believe that it is always attainable, because I understand the struggle. The best part of working at The Recovery Workshop is being able to watch people transform into passionate, driven individuals. I’m truly grateful for the life I lead and I try to give back what was so freely given to me – a life of recovery.

  • Painting 100%
  • Jewelry Making 100%
  • Soap Making 100%