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Our Programs

Learn a Trade. Find a Job.

Recovery Workshop Programs and Classes

courses and classes include services such as career coaching and development, access to the facilities, and community involvement opportunities.

Auto Mechanics

Auto Mechanics

Our auto mechanics workshops provide insights into basic auto mechanics and include a chance to build a motorcycle from scratch.

Basic Home Improvement

Basic Home Improvement

Our basic home improvement class runs through electrical, plumbing, tiling, painting, and DIY home maintenance projects in this eight class course.

Creative Arts

Creative Arts

Our creative and meditative art classes explore creativity through the use of traditional art methods. Our programs include living wall art, painting, drawing, stenciling, graffiti, and more.

Want to Join Recovery Workshop?

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Recovery Workshop is open to anyone in the South Florida recovery community who is actively sober.

Free Classes

In accordance with the 12 steps, all of our classes and programs are completely free.

Community Outreach

A large part of Recovery Workshop is community involvement. As a part of our course, students are given the opportunity to get involved in the community through various volunteer opportunities andcommunity events.

Career Development

We provide career development services like career building, resume building, interview skills, and career coaching.